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Innovation in Security with a Usability Focus

EISST Limited is a multinational company established in 2002 by a team of professionals with over 15 years experience in the areas of information management, Internet security and software architecture. EISST specializes in the development of information security products and services for the enterprise, based on three key elements: security, mobility and usability. The company has been among the very first to recognize the need for mobility in the security marketplace and to establish the no-installation and zero-footprint paradigm as a basic requirement across its entire client product line.

EISST products are built to address the security needs of real people, empowering the users with secure, mobile and usable tools for communicating, storing, accessing and managing their most prized asset: information. Using EISST products, customers substantially reduce risks, achieve rapidly a return on investment (ROI) on security and increase their productivity.

Partners and Customers of EISST include global corporations, banks and government agencies, among which:

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