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e-Capsule™ Private Browser

The e-Capsule™ Private Browser is a web browser characterized first of all by the fact that it is "zero-footprint", indicating that no traces are left by the web browser on the PC, either as temporary files or OS registry values. Unlike standard browsers, after you have finished your e-Capsule™ session on the host PC, no one will be able to recover any useful information or data on the session itself.

Keep Your Web Surfing Data Always Shielded From Third Parties:
The e-Capsule™ Private Browser stores all your temporary Internet data inside of an encrypted file using strong AES256 encryption at the block level (i.e. at the level of the smallest contiguous set of bits or bytes that forms an identifiable unit of data). This implies that information on your web browser session is always protected since it is constantly kept inside of the encrypted profile. This remains true even when navigating over Internet, since e-Capsule™ Private Browser updates your profile data while keeping it encrypted at all times and the internal data structure is totally meaningless to external processes or applications.

Activate Your Anonymous Browser with Just One-Click:
Your IP address can be hidden by routing all traffic over a network of web anonymous proxy servers so that tracking and identification via traffic analysis on the content provider side is practically impossible. This will protect you against a common form of Internet surveillance known as "traffic analysis". Traffic analysis can be used to infer who is talking to whom over a public network. Knowing the source and destination of a web browser session allows others to track your behavior and interests. With one single click you can instruct the e-Capsule™ Private Browser to operate also as a web anonymous browser and navigate anonymously over Internet without ever worrying about third parties accessing and tracking your session's data both locally and remotely.

A Usable and Secure Browser for Internet Surfing:
You can use the e-Capsule™ Private Browser to navigate over Internet just like and even better than any standard web browser, but with the peace of mind that no information about your web browser session will ever be obtained without your knowledge. The web browser uses a tab-based navigation interface, featuring import/export of IE favorites, integrated Google search, download/transfer manager, bookmarks manager and much more.

Check specific product version information to learn more about the e-Capsule™ Private Browser unique features and usage for specific business and anonymous browser needs.

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