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e-Capsule™ Private Mail

The e-Capsule™ Private Mail application is characterized first of all by the fact that it is "zero-footprint", indicating that no traces are left on the PC, either as t emporary files or OS registry values. After you have finished your e-Capsule™ session on the host PC, no one will be able to recover any useful information or data on the session itself.

Shield Your Email Data Also From the Operating System and Viruses:
e-Capsule™ Private Mail keeps the messages and all other information used by the application (e.g. the address book entries) in a protected storage area where they are kept in encrypted format at all times (the encryption algorithms used are the strongest today recognized by the cryptography community, i.e. AES256 and RSA2048). All your private information is kept encrypted even while in use it and it is made available only internally to the application. This also implies that viruses and Trojans will not be able to successfully attack and replicate, since they have no knowledge about the application, the mailbox and the address book structures.

Import and Encrypt All Your Email Accounts from Outlook: e-Capsule™ Private Mail provides full POP3, SMTP, S/MIME s upport, secure authentication, multi-account management, message and address book import tools from Microsoft® Outlook and Outlook Express, encrypted PC archiving for backup/restore, rule-based message filtering and Bayesian spam filtering.

Generate, Manage and Use X509 Digital Certificates for Email Encryption:
e-Capsule™ Private Mail is today the only zero-footprint portable secure email software that combines strong (military-level) encryption of mailboxes and address books with the ability to manage the users' personal digital identities. In fact, using e-Capsule™ Private Mail you will be able to generate your own digital certificates (in standard X509 v.3 format) and to use them to send/receive encrypted e-mails and to digitally sign messages. You can export these certificate and use also them in other e-mail clients, such as Microsoft® Outlook and Outlook Express, and even generate a digital certificate for each of y our correspondents, thereby provisioning the full set of digital certificates needed to secure all your sensitive e-mail exchanges.

Check specific product version information to learn more about the e-Capsule™ Private Mail unique features and usage for specific business needs.

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