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e-Capsule™ Private Safe

The e-Capsule™ Private Safe application is characterized first of all by the fact that it is "zero-footprint", indicating that no traces are left on the PC, either as t emporary files or OS registry values. After you have finished your e-Capsule™ session on the host PC, no one will be able to recover any useful information or data on the session itself.

Shield Your Data Also From the Operating System:
e-Capsule™ Private Safe allows you to store any number of files and folders inside a proprietary file system (called the e-Capsule™ File System or EFS) which implements strong AES256 data encryption at the file block level. This implies that the security of the encrypted data stored in the file system is never handed over to the operating system of the PC when browsing inside of the EFS.

View, Edit and Manage Your Data While Encrypted:
e-Capsule™ Private Safe allows you to manage and access the encrypted files stored in the EFS without the need to release clear data to other external applications. For example, you can read a PDF document, listen to a MP3 music file, view a MPEG movie or even edit a text, RTF or Excel file without leaving the protected e-Capsule™ application environment. Your sensitive data is kept encrypted at all time and released in clear format only when you request it.

Hide Your Data Using Different Login Credentials:
e-Capsule™ Private Safe is equipped with a set of tools and with an internal application logic which assures that under any operational circumstance you will be the only one to have full visibility and access to the encrypted data. By using different passwords you will be able to display different data stored in separate hidden partitions of the encrypted file system. In other words, e-Capsule™ Private Safe is a complete and portable information management system, designed to keep your sensitive data confidential and always under your control.

Check specific product version information to learn more about the e-Capsule™ Private Safe unique features and usage for specific business needs.

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